2 November 2, 2018

Breaking Borders in Patient-Centric Medicine

By Joyce Laird November 2, 2018 Patient-centric care means faster, more accurate, painless and hopefully, failsafe delivery of medical care to patients with the smallest margin of error possible. This type of care is continuously evolving. A number of companies have created systems that personalize patient care while ensuring all data regarding each and every [...]

15 October 15, 2018

Innovation Labs: Different Means to the Same End

By Jan Bowers October 2018 October 2018—What’s the best way for a hospital to kill a health care improvement-related idea? Some say (tongue in cheek) send it to committees, meetings, suggestion boxes, or the like. A better (and more serious) question for health care providers might be: Where can health care ideas thrive and move [...]

28 September 28, 2018

Listen: “Healing for Life” Discusses Needle-Free Blood Draws at Intermountain

In this short clip from October 2017, Dr. Tamara Sheffield, host of Healing for Life, highlights the impact PIVO™ has made on patient care at Intermountain Healthcare.   To hear more from Healing for Life, visit the listings page at Intermountain Healthcare. Back to Media Original Listing

21 September 21, 2018

Are the Days of Needle-Free Blood Draws Close?

By John Palmer September 13, 2018 The dreaded needlestick in the healthcare environment is a source of nightmares for many people, ranging from young children getting their first inoculations to adults with high cholesterol going in for periodic blood tests. People have dreamed about getting rid of needles for years, not only to help patients [...]

21 September 21, 2018

Can Nurses Look Forward to Needle-Free Blood Draws?

By John Palmer September 21, 2018 The dreaded needlestick in the healthcare environment is a source of nightmares for many.  People have dreamed about getting rid of needles for years, not only to help patients relax when getting their blood drawn, but also to keep healthcare workers safe. But even though there is legislation on [...]

13 September 13, 2018

Intermountain Healthcare Implements Needle-Free PIVO for Inpatient Blood Draws

By Daron Cowley, September 13, 2018 Investing in human-centered quality improvements, Intermountain Healthcare sets the new clinical standard for safer, more efficient, and more humane blood collection Intermountain Healthcare is the nation's first integrated health system to use the new needle-free PIVO blood collection across all of its 22 hospitals. As part of its commitment [...]

15 August 15, 2018

Thinking Big for the Smallest Patients: Innovation in Pediatric Technology

By Gavin Stern August/September 2018 Kevin Ferguson, a clinical engineer at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, works each day to ensure that children at his hospital get the best medical care—with the best technology—possible. There’s just one problem. The technology that’s available to him, while the best in the world, isn’t necessarily what’s best for [...]

20 July 20, 2018

University Hospitals Adopts Needle-Free Blood Draw Technology

By Fred Pennic | July 20, 2018 University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center adopts needle-free blood draw technology to reduce anxiety and risks for hospitalized patients. University Hospitals (UH) Cleveland Medical Center in Ohio, announced that it has implemented the PIVO needle-free blood draw device from San Francisco-based medical device innovator Velano Vascular at UH Cleveland [...]

19 July 19, 2018

Needle-Free Option for Collecting Blood Adopted

A needle-free blood collection device has been adopted by a hospital system following its evaluation of the technology and the procedure in multiple inpatient units. By Daphne Allen July 19, 2018 Designed to draw blood from in-dwelling peripheral IV catheters and eliminate the need for multiple needle-sticks, PIVO is being implemented at University Hospitals Cleveland [...]

19 July 19, 2018

Ohio Health System Using Needle-Free Blood Draws for Patients with Catheters

By Megan Knowles July 19, 2018 Cleveland-based University Hospitals has implemented a needle-free device for inpatient blood draws, making it the first Ohio health system to do so. The health system is using the PIVO needle-free device from Velano Vascular, designed to provide a painless experience for patients getting blood drawn and avoid infection risk for [...]

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