Compassionate Care

Our vision at Velano is to deliver IMPACT by establishing a new and more humane global standard of care for inpatient blood draws. We’re aiming to improve the hospital experience for patients and practitioners by reducing the pain, risks and inefficiencies of existing, often overlooked vascular access practices.

Aligned with this human-centric Mission, we’ve established core values at Velano–Integrity, a desire to Make a Difference, Passion, Accountability, Compassion, and Tenacity. These values inform our daily actions in an effort to reform and establish a single standard of care that touches hundreds of millions of lives each year around the world.


In the United States Alone

1 in 5 people are needle phobic

1 in 5
are needle phobic

300 million inpatient blood draws annually

400 million
inpatient blood draws annually

200 Practitioner Needle Stick Injuries per day

> 1,000 Per Day
practitioner needlestick injuries

1 in 5 people are needle phobic

10-20 “sticks”
per hospital visit

The Velano Difference

Velano aims to reduce the need for disruptive 4 AM needlesticks and frequent central line access for blood collections. We’re seeking to bring compassion to the hospital through a safer workplace for practitioners and more efficient lab collections.

The Velano Vascular Experience
 Preferred Experience

“PIVO is truly patient-centric, reducing pain and anxiety with patients and also practitioner concerns with difficult draws.”
– Maureen B. Fagan DNP, WHNP-BC, FNP-BC, Associate Chief Nurse-OB/GYN/NICU & Executive Director, Center for Patients & Families, Brigham and Women’s Hospital

 Reduced Risks

“We are committed to pursuing a new standard of care industry-wide using technologies and practices that will better serve patients and protect our practitioners.”
– Kim Henrichsen, RN, MSN, VP Clinical Operations and Chief Nursing Officer, Intermountain Healthcare

 Enhanced Efficiency

“PIVO helps reduce the number of times we touched central lines and stopped medication for blood collection.”
– Ed Valente, BSN, CCRN, Superviser CRCU, Griffin Hospital

 Improved Quality

“At our institution, PIVO hemolysis rates were equivalent or even slightly better than hemolysis rates from venipuncture collections.”
– Jaime Noguez, PhD, DABCC, Assistant Director of Clinical Chemistry, University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center

Compassion in Practice

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