21 September 21, 2018

Are the Days of Needle-Free Blood Draws Close?

By John Palmer September 13, 2018 The dreaded needlestick in the healthcare environment is a source of nightmares for many people, ranging from young children getting their first inoculations to adults with high cholesterol going in for periodic blood tests. People have dreamed about getting rid of needles for years, not only to help patients [...]

17 September 17, 2017

Wharton Business Radio Highlights: Eric Stone on Launch Pad [AUDIO]

Originally Aired on Sirius XM Radio Channel 111, Business Radio Powered by The Wharton School September 14, 2017 You can follow The Wharton School on social media: Twitter: @BizRadio111 | @Wharton Facebook: Business Radio Powered by The Wharton School Wharton Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WhartonSchool/ URL: https://businessradio.wharton.upenn.edu/ Free SiriusXM Trial: https://streaming.siriusxm.com/?/flepz=true Listen Live/OnDemand on SiriusXM: https://player.siriusxm.com/#/player/live Back to Media Original Audio [...]

14 September 14, 2017

Needleless Blood Draws Could Solve One of the Biggest Headaches in Hospitals

By Katherine Ellen Foley | August 7, 2017   Of all the aches and pains patients endure in a prolonged hospital stay, getting blood drawn is one of the biggest nuisances. Patients who are sick enough to stay in the hospital for days on end need to have their blood monitored regularly, and every time, [...]

23 August 23, 2017

How a Pediatric Device Innovation Contest Was a Big Win for One Startup

The National Capital Consortium for Pediatric Device Innovation extended this year's "Make Your Medical Device for Kids" competition to Thursday. A 2014 winner of the contest shares his success story. By Amanda Pedersen | August 22, 2017 Three short years ago, Velano Vascular was in stealth mode. Then the San Francisco-based company became a finalist in the “Make [...]

27 July 27, 2017

Intermountain Adopts Needle-Free Technology for Blood Draws

By Mackenzie Bean | July 26, 2017 Salt Lake City-based Intermountain Healthcare is implementing a needle-free technology to improve the blood draw experience for inpatients across its 22 hospitals. The implementation stems from a collaboration between Intermountain and the San Francisco-based startup Velano Vascular, which developed a single-use blood draw device called Pivo. The device connects [...]

20 March 20, 2017

Trends in Blood Collection Favor Fewer Phlebotomies, Focus on Patients

By Madeleine Johnson | March 20, 2017 NEW YORK (360Dx) – A vast array of diagnostic tests are run using blood samples, leading to an estimated 350 million needle sticks annually in the US. Although the technology for blood draws has previously remained relatively unchanged for tens, if not hundreds of years, a number of [...]

10 March 10, 2017

Going for blood, S.F. med device company – not Theranos – snags $17 million

By Ron Leuty | San Francisco Business Times | March 10, 2017 A young Bay Area company, promising to make blood draws easier, has snared $17 million in funding from a group of venture capital firms and health care providers. But if Velano Vascular Inc.’s promise of easier blood draws rings similar to that of Theranos Inc., the [...]

7 March 7, 2017

Velano Vascular Nets $17M to Roll Out Needle-Free Blood Draw

By Amirah Al Idrus | March 7, 2017 Velano Vascular raised $17 million in financing, which it will put toward scaling and commercializing its line of vascular access devices. The company scored FDA clearance for its second-generation, needle-free blood draw device last week. Inpatient blood draws are one of the most common invasive medical procedures, [...]

7 March 7, 2017

Velano Vascular Raises $17M for a Needle-Free Blood Draw Device

By Bérénice Magistretti | March 7, 2017 Blood drawing and testing may have been tainted by the Theranos scandal last year, but that hasn’t kept investors from backing Velano Vascular. The San Francisco-based startup, which has developed a needle-free device to draw blood, today announced a new investment of $17 million. This technology could reduce the [...]

27 February 27, 2017

FDA OKs Velano Vascular’s Next-Gen Needle-Free Blood Draw Device

By Amirah Al Idrus | February 27, 2017 The FDA cleared Velano Vascular’s second iteration of its needle-free blood draw device, which attaches to the peripheral IV line that most hospital patients already have, cutting down on repeated needle sticks that are the norm for blood collection. A peripheral IV, used to deliver fluids, medication or [...]

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