Bringing Compassion into Practice

Billions of blood draws are done in hospitals around the world every year, causing patient pain and anxiety, workplace injuries, and significant costs. Velano Vascular’s revolutionary technologies enable delivery of more compassionate and efficient care.

What Do Nurses Think About Blood Collection?

In a survey commissioned by Velano Vascular of over 6,500 nurses at 24 hospitals across the country, results indicate that it’s time for more compassionate standards of care when drawing blood in a hospital setting.


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Nurse Survey Results

Frost & Sullivan Recognizes Velano Vascular with 2016 Best Practices Award

Frost & Sullivan New Product Innovation Award 

Velano Vascular is proud to be the recipient of the 2016 North American Vascular Access Device New Product Innovation Award

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The Steve Jobs
of Drawing Blood

In thousands of patients, the quality of our blood samples has been definitive and easy to measure, both through clinical studies and “real world,” commercial use. Blood drawn from…

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Startup Aims to Reduce
Need for Needles

And no, it’s not Theranos. Startups that aim to cut back on the use of needles for blood draws may face some skepticism these days—the unfortunate legacy of troubled unicorn…

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New Devices Take the
Pain Out of Hospital Visits

Fewer needle sticks, less discomfort with new ways to draw blood and give medications. Hospitals are taking the hurt out of common medical procedures. Needle sticks…

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In the United States Alone


1 in 10


300 Million


200 per Day


Take a deep breath

Our innovations offer a more compassionate alternative for hospitalized patients–even those “tough stick” patients.

With a new approach to the age old blood draw, our technology aims to preserve and enhance the relationship between patient and provider while reducing the frustration, inefficiency and total cost of this everyday procedure.